The University of Waterloo has prevailed as a complainant in a recently published decision for the domain name “” under the CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP).

Those familiar with the post-secondary institution, well known for its’ engineering program, may readily see the domain as a misspelling of the university’s primary website at, less one “o”.

The University of Waterloo was able to establish that the domain was confusingly similar to their existing mark, and that the domain was registered in bad faith.

The single-panelist decision thus found against the registrant and ordered the domain transfered.

Domain name misspellings are often registered by cyber-squatters to “park” and display pay-per-click advertising. But in this case, something more nefarious may have been at play.

The decision mentions it was discovered that SSL certificates were obtained by the registrant for sub-domains mirroring those currently in use at the university.

This may have led to phishing of students or staff, especially if look-a-like sites were set up at these sub-domains.

Another detail worth noting is that the domain was registered in 2005 – and nobody noticed – or more likely that no one at the University of Waterloo felt the need to escalate the matter until now!?

At present, the transfer does not yet appear to have taken place – the domain name is currently resolving to a landing page provided by Sedo, a domain name marketplace platform.

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Read the decision here.