In a notice sent via email to its’ backorder customers, a registrar participating in yesterday’s TBR session has stated that CIRA has cancelled the results due to “technical issues”.

At this point, it is unclear what will occur – particularly with any domain names which may have been registered by users themselves, after the TBR session.

In previous instances when a TBR session was postponed, cancelled, or had the results nullified, the domain names for that session were combined with the TBR for the following week.

Stay tuned…


In the TBR Policy Rules and Procedures, here is an excerpt from the section describing how CIRA handles cancellations:

If CIRA cancels a TBR Session, it may decide at its complete discretion to add some or all of the relevant cancelled TBR Domain Names to the List for a subsequent TBR Session or TBR Sessions. A cancellation of a TBR Session will lead to the cancellation of all TBR Domain Names registered during the cancelled TBR Session. CIRA will as soon as possible after the cancellation of a TBR Session, using reasonable commercial effort, send an email message to the Registrars indicating the date or dates on which the TBR Domain Names of the cancelled TBR Session may be available for registration via a subsequent TBR Session.

As per the comment below by a visitor to this site, it has been confirmed through one of the participating registrars, that CIRA has decided to cancel the results for only 6 domain names, which will be re-released during the following TBR session.