US-based online sportsbetting company, FanDuel Group Inc. has prevailed in a dispute brought under the CIRA Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP) over the domain name

The three-member panel found in favour of the complainant in a decision published earlier this month, and ordered the domain be transferred.

FanDuel was able to establish that the contested domain name was confusingly similar to their existing mark, that it was registered in bad faith and that the registrant had no legitimate interest in it.

The registrant, Cody Tritter did not file a response to the complaint.

It is worth noting that at the time of the complaint, was being used to redirect to a pornographic website. While FanDuel has been operating on, it is quite likely that the .ca domain recieved Canadian visitors expecting to be able to make a bet rather than being displayed x-rated content.

It appears that this has since changed and the domain is now redirecting to another site, According to whois data, FanDuel has yet to assume possession of the domain.