The expired domain registration scam emails appear to be making the rounds again.


ATTENTION: Website Owner/Administrator.
It has come to our attention that your Domain (URL) has not been properly registered on the Internet as required by the Online Registration Act of 2020.
We understand that this oversight may be due to the recent enactment of the law or your failure to
register your domain and your website with all Search Engines. Unless your domain is properly registered your website will not appear in Search Results and your customers will not be able to find you online.
You will need to become registered immediately or your domain may be deleted from the Registry.

If you need any help with your registration please email me at [email protected]
Thank you, Norman King, Customer Service Manager. Internet Registration Services

The name & email address appears to also be associated with a time-share scam complaint at

Only ever deal with correspondance from your registrar when it comes to your domain name registration.