While parsing through the list of domains to be released by CIRA today, purolator.ca stood out.

Purolator is a major courier service which operates its’ website on the .com extension.

It appears the .ca was likely not being used and they either missed the renewal notices or opted to let it expire.

Failure for an organisation, particularly of this size to protect their brands under the various domain extensions could potentially open up the possibility for bad actors to register these and launch phishing campaigns.

* Update *
After the conclusion of the TBR session, a whois lookup was performed and based on the result – one may surmise that CIRA was able to intervene at the last moment to stop the domain’s release, or that it was already part of a list of names already coded for special consideration, in the event of just such an occurrance.

Otherwise, there would be very little doubt that a third-party was waiting to scoop it.