In an email to customers on Wednesday, Richard Kirkendall, CEO of domain registrar and webhost Namecheap, stated that they are now “actively working with authorities to both proactively prevent, and take down, any fraudulent or abusive domains or websites related to COVID19”.

These efforts include blocking the registration of domains using terms such as “coronavirus”, “covid”, and “vaccine”. Those wishing to register such a name must now have it reviewed by their support team.

Namecheap is among six registrars which were recently sent letters by The New York Attorney General asking for their help to crack down on coronsvirus scam sites[1].

Numerous domains being used for fraud during the current pandemic have been registered through Namecheap in recent weeks – including the ones used for the free face mask scam targetting Canadians.

In addition to being an ICANN accredited registrar, Namecheap is also accredited by CIRA as “Go Get Canada Domain Registrar Ltd.” to provide .ca domain names.