Facebook announced on their blog[1] that it filed a lawsuit this week against domain registrar Namecheap and its’ whois privacy service, Whoisguard for registering deceptive domain names.

Facebook found 45 domain names registered through Whoisguard, that it felt could “trick people into believing they are legitimate” and could be used for “phishing, fraud and scams”.

Facebook had been attempting without success, to obtain the real domain registrants’ information from Namecheap, from October 2018 through to February 2020.

Whoisguard is Namecheap’s proxy service to keep customer’s registrant details, private from whois lookups. Many registrars operate similar services, protecting personal information from being scraped and used by data aggregators and spammers.

In addition to being an ICANN accredited registrar, Namecheap is also accredited by CIRA to provide .ca domain registration services. Note that .ca domain names are private by default for individual registrants[2].

To better protect your security when logging on to Facebook, always use their official app or type in their official website Facebook.com directly in your browser.

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