The following is a summary of the current costs to register, renew, or transfer a .ca domain name at a selection CIRA-accredited registrars.

Hover$15.99 USD$15.99 USD$15.99 USD
Namecheap$11.98 USD$13.98 USD$11.98 USD
Namesilo$7.80 USD$7.80 USD$7.80 USD$10.99?[2]$10.99

[1],[2] Unable to locate find renewal price on the registrars’ public-facing websites. If you have an account with either EasyDNS or Rebel, please leave a comment below with the .ca renewal rate.

The registrars featured in the table above should not to be taken as an endorsement or recommendation by this site – research online reviews and consult with colleagues to help determine which registrar(s) meet your service needs.

For a complete list of .ca accredited domain registrars, visit