The following are five CIRA-accredited domain registrars that currently offer an app for Android and iOS devices.

RegistrarAndroid iOS
GoDaddy [1]InvestorInvestor
NamecheapYesYes [2]YesYes
Uniregistry [3]YesYes


[1] GoDaddy’s primary app is currently not available to users in Canada.

However, their Investor app is available for download in Canada – it provides GoDaddy Auctions members a way to more easily monitor and bid on domain names listed on their platform.

[2]’s app appears to be a “wrapper” for their actual website.

[3] Uniregistry was recently acquired by GoDaddy, however it will continue operating separately.–Portfolio/

The availability of a dedicated app can offer convenience on the go, especially with many now conducting as much work on their mobile devices vs traditional computing platforms such as desktops and laptops.

Do note that apps might only feature the most commonly used functions – management of specific features pertaining to your domains may still require you to login to the registrar’s primary website through a browser. Given this, a website that has a modern responsive/mobile-friendly design should be one of the factors you consider when choosing a domain registrar.